I really want to meet my old psychologist. The thought’s been in my head for a while but somehow lately I’ve been thinking about it even more. I really want to meet her, but I don’t really know how or when. Where does she work anyway? Salemba? Depok? Not long ago my dad said he saw her name as a speaker for some seminar in Depok, but I wasn’t really sure.

I’ll have to admit I am kind of…afraid? I mean, what should I say? Will she even remember me at all? Will I be a dissapointment?  Will she be upset remembering all the things she had to do all those years?


4 responses to “Unfinished

  1. ultrapluralist

    you have a psychologist?


    kinda interesting…

  2. indieschmindie

    ahahaha, I had one when I was in… preschool I guess? long story. it feels pretty cool now though I don’t really remember much about it.

  3. zoroapple

    your psychologist actually is a memory vampire alien monster, she made up your childhood memory, it’s not real.. your psychologist sucked your real memory.. hahahaha.. tai gw lagi gak jelas.. kyk mamat blg obama sebenarnya emperor palpatine. hahaha..

  4. natalia putri

    hahaha, psychologist yee..
    ngebahas hal2 freak waktu kecil yee yang ternyata gw jg lakukan di masa lalu..

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