Once upon a time…

…my friends called me a succubus.

Which is, if you don’t know yet, some sort of demon woman who fucks men in their sleep and steals their souls. Should I feel flattered or insulted?


5 responses to “Once upon a time…

  1. zoroapple

    your friends? i’m the one who started it..

  2. zoroapple

    and mamat is your victim.. in the end you will suck his soul… i’m going to hunt you dead or alive..

    -Toper —> Demon Hunter…

    Gw sakit dan gak bisa tidur.. jadi stress dan ngisi komen gak berguna..

  3. ultrapluralist

    succubus? cool, you have wings!!

  4. indieschmindie

    wings? really? awesome! :D

  5. …and you don’t know that, ckckck…
    …and I always thought Succubus and Incubus were a couple, dodol…
    gw link blog lo ya tanteee, hehehe…

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