I’m Always Hungry

I really should get some sleep. Instead of doing so, I found myself munching on some bleh tasting cake brought by some visitors two days ago. As I shoved the pieces of cheese cake and chocolate cake into my mouth, expressionless, I felt kind of pissed. They were an insult to my taste buds and my maid kept staring at me with this long, strange look. I was like, “What? If they can’t let me sleep then at least let me get unpleasantly fat in peace.” (only in my mind, of course) Then I went upstairs and found out my shirt was only half buttoned. Haha.


3 responses to “I’m Always Hungry

  1. saskhyaauliaprima

    buat gw aja ndiii gw ga bakalan gendut haha

  2. indieschmindie

    hehe curang amat sas :p aduh gw liat orang sakit bawaannya mau makan mulu kenapa ya huhu

  3. saskhyaauliaprima

    mungkin supaya lo merasa sehat ndi..makan kan menajga kesehatan hahaha

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