It’s been an exhausting week, both physically and mentally. Not that I’m complaining. Wait, I am complaining right now. Haha but despite the exhaustion, the stress acne, and the added weight (haha!) I got from being forced to eat my mom’s leftovers, there are some things that are actually quite nice.

The past week’s events has made our family closer, and I like that :) Yes, I do feel that a lot of weight has been slapped on my shoulders, but everyone in the family has helped and contributed in their own special way. It also made us realize we should be more aware of each other’s health and well being. We’re so used to doing our own things in our own time, honestly we don’t make extra efforts to care about everyone else. Oh, and it should also teach my mom to loosen up a little. Hey, supermom’s get sick too.

It also gave my mother and I a chance to talk to each other, about many things. It was…nice. Okay sure it wasn’t always nice. Although I really didn’t mind having to stay with her night and day, sometimes I felt unneeded. Unappreciated. Hurts as hell, but hey I’m not fishing for glory or compliments here. It’s not about me. It still does hurt me a bit though, how the only thank you I got was from my dad today. From my mom I only had, “I’m surprised you could be so patient and caring, seeing how careless you are.” Ouch. Your welcome. But no matter, perhaps I just don’t show that side of me much in my family.

Now I really don’t know what else to write so I’ll just stop.


One response to “So…

  1. “…so I’ll just stop.”

    …dan disusul 3 post, ckckckckck…

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