Quote of the Day, Part Deux

“Soalnya kalo gak ada orang-orang kaya lo,
such boys will never get laid.”

– said by a dearest friend, who really should write a book about all her fabulously entertaining quotes, when I asked, “Why do I love geeky boys?”. Hahah. Could there possibly be a better answer? I doubt it.


6 responses to “Quote of the Day, Part Deux

  1. hahahaha, benar-benar entertaining ;-)
    dan seemed absolutely RIGHT :p

  2. thanks for the posting, with this post i can shut mamat’ mouth without any argument out from him…

    Toper: Lo tidak berkompeten sebagai kisser!! ama indie pun gara-gara dia agresif.. klo gak? yahhh pecundang..

    Mamat: diem tanpa bisa membalas… *sok-sok gak denger sambil maen psp…

  3. indieschmindie

    @sekar: iya kaaan entertaining dan masuk akal pulak hehe.
    @toper: ahahah! your welcome per, but who ever said i was aggresive? :P

  4. don’t make me write the story when you and mamat kissed for the 1st time here… lol…

  5. shinojundo

    by all means, please do x)

  6. indieschmindie

    heh! gak usah ye

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