I want new shoes! I’m thinking t-bar heels, either black, watermelon pink/red, or turquoise. Sadly I don’t have the funds for them yet and I’m too lazy to start my garage sale business.

Why do boys have godawful taste in haircuts? I mean, almost every guy around me always has to ruin their perfectly good and flattering longish hair and replace them with horrible silly looking short crops? Why? Why, I ask? These acts should be outlawed, seriously. It’s evil. It’s not only because I’m into boys with longish hair. It’s for their own sake too. Boys, guys, isn’t looking more attractive a good thing? Yeah? Next time, mind your scissors then.

My mates and I are going to have a mini get together tonight. Hopefully we’ll have some fuh-uh-unn! :D


5 responses to “Random

  1. shinojundo

    ha, we’re posting about the same thing.

    we should make our own movement. N0-haircut-for-guys-without-professional-assistance movement or summat… hayyah

  2. Long hair sucks.. Almost every dick I’ve known since high school are now ‘expressing’ themselves by growing ’em. No offense, but I hate how people seem to ‘get out of their shell’ once they get to college.

    -teori ikan kecil.


  3. indieschmindie

    hahahaha yeah it’s true, i get it. but still, longish (not long but longish) hair can make people look so hot so i don’t care if they’re ‘serasa baru bebas’ or ‘baru bandel’ or whatever :P plus you know i’ve been involved with people who can have long hair in highschool anyway. hahah.

  4. Rana

    Yeah. And I know that one of em is ur **** ****. And that Valentine is near. And that ur inseparable with him.

    Hah! -Frank Slade (Scent of a Woman)

    -awaiting the the famed ‘quick-wit counter’…


  5. indieschmindie

    hahahaha quick-wit counter eh?
    **** apa tuh na? hehe. we’ll see lah :P
    but valentine sucks anyway

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