It feels like the dreaded feeling I referred to before has come. Perhaps it’s just my bad mood, I’m not sure. Somehow I feel like I couldn’t care less, but maybe I’m trying to make myself feel that way because I care too much.

Fuck. I’ll have to be honest here, though I hate to admit it:
Being alone is starting to fucking suck.


4 responses to “Whatever

  1. …you didn’t admit it back then, then? *grammarnya ngaco ye? hehehe*

    emang being alone sucks, tapi lo sebenernya ga alone juga kan?
    maybe it’s just you feeling lonely
    or gw-nya sotoy, hohoho

  2. indieschmindie

    hehehehhee. kmrn2 gw nganggepnya being alone is so fun. well it is and isn’t, depends on how you make it really. lagi bad mood aja gw hehehehe.

  3. makanya ndie.. get laid.. wakakakaka..

  4. mungkin kalo lu udah masuk kuliah dan ketemu temen setiap hari lu akan lupa, mengingat anak kom tipe penghibur semua, he he he

    btw gw link ya!

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