Is It Just Me?

I’ve always had the thought that Facebook news feeds aren’t so random after all. Most of the people that show up on my news feed are the exact same people that show up the day before. Most of them are people I do care about and are close to me so I’m not complaining, yet it makes me so curious. Hhmmm… I tried googling about and asking my brother, but still, no answers.

I’m pretty sure there’s something going on. That it’s not just based on how often people update. Many times when I’m checking out profiles of friends that I rarely visit, I’m surprised at how active they are. Uploading albums, notes, friends, etc but I never see them on my news feed. At the same time the most mundane updates about certain people always pop up in my news feed.

Hhmmm… Is it based on our interactions? But then there are people I don’t interact much with who always pop out in my news feed. Is it based on how often we see their profiles? Haha. I do check out the profiles of most of the people in my news feed often. But then there are still a lot of other people whose profiles I almost never check out at all. Maybe… It’s also based on how often that check out our profiles. Ha! Stalker alert!

Anyway, I was going to continue writing but I’m so hungry my head hurts. Hehe.


6 responses to “Is It Just Me?

  1. Yes, it’s just you!

    soalnya gue ga punya (dan berminat membuat) fesbuk.
    *minta ditampar banget jawaban gue*

    Damn! minggu depan udah masuk kuliah! NO!

  2. menjadi stalker di facebook menyenangkan lho!! hahahaha.. taiah..

  3. Rana

    Facebook redefines voyeurism. That could be an interesting subject for a final paper. I feel like I’m fucking Enrahah when I’m online.


  4. indieschmindie

    haha yes it would, gw juga baru2 ini kepikir facebook pas lagi mikirin skripsi. hehe. and what’s enrahah?

  5. Hahaha udah mikir skripsi aja,menarik tuh masih jarang bgt

  6. ndie, gue pernah dibilangin itu bisa jadi karena orang-orang itu sering ngebuka profile lo.. *dan gue rasa sebaliknya juga sih..

    gue juga gitu kok, yang sering nongol ya temen2 gue yang itu2 aja..hhe. one circle of friends.

    “jadi siap2 aja kalo lo jadi sering ngeliat update ttg gebetan lo di news feed facebook”
    gitu katanya ndie. jahahah.

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