Let me tell you a secret…

…you don’t know me that much. Not that you should mind or care. You should pretend to, though. That way I can use it as an excuse and intro to write down little insignificant things about me below.

I think the most valuable lesson I’ve learned from my brother is when he taught me how to lie properly. For that I am forever in debt. (Oh and I won’t tell you how, trade secret!)

I don’t like wearing peep toe shoes and sandals because I think my toes are hideous. So much for self esteem.

I find hooker heels kind of fabulous.

Once when I was in this street market Bali, probably around 8-10 years ago, some sleazy guy winked at me. Despite having had a lot of disgusting guys on the street staring, winking, catcalling, or whatever (girls, you know how it feels like), I remember this as the moment I despise the most. Pig.

I’m into corsets and garter belts and kinky shoes. Not in a really creepy way but I am into them.

Sometimes I wonder if I am a bitch for doing certain things in the past. A part of me then says “Yes, yes, you are. Obviously.” I am deeply, sincerely sorry, but I don’t regret anything.

I have a very impulsive nature. Yes, I always think too much but at the same time I just like doing things without thinking. That’s why I usually have these shopaholism periods consisting of three phases; me making lists of clothes and crap to buy, me buying too many clothes (many of them not included in the list) and me wearing the same old clothes and trying to sell the new unworn ones off. Bad, bad habit.

I’m not picky, I’m just hopelessly romantic.

For a period of time I really wished I were a lesbian.

When talking with my closest friends, I refer to (those very few) boys I like with derogatory names. Then I curse at them. A lot. Continuously. I think of it as a form of affection, plus I feel really annoyed when I like someone. It makes me feel insecure. Bastards.

I’m very honest yet at the same time I don’t like hurting other people’s feelings. That often makes things really difficult to handle.

I hate snobs. Snobs are annoying.

I enjoy reading little insignificant facts about people I know.

Last but not least, you still don’t know me that much.
I don’t think even I do.


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