Oh! Darling

You say you do yet I’m not sure you do I mean I know you do but I’m afraid I can’t though I do want to but now I’m not sure you still do on the other hand you don’t really say you do though sometimes you act like you do and I kind of wish you do because I know I do want to try this out but I’m not really sure you do too but hey I’m not even sure I do really want to even though you and I can do.

I really don’t know what to think.


4 responses to “Oh! Darling

  1. shinojundo

    i do. think of you, me, and open bar ;)

  2. indieschmindie

    oh my! do you mean heaven?

  3. shinojundo

    that’s what i mean, luv x)

    life’s really dull lately here, if only you were here we could have (had?) some fun. they have drink buffet here…

  4. ahahaha. this one’s hilarious, i think. hihi. :P
    lagi bimbang yaa :D haha

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