You Don’t Have to Worry That It’s Wrong

I just had a lovely break outside, singing “Let’s Get It On” and enjoying the surprisingly nice humid weather. Bliss.

I must have looked like some kind of idiot zombie, not having slept yet and all. But it’s all good. I’ve still got another hour or so to finish up my paper, go to campus and steal little naps.

In between the huffing and puffing and humming and singing, I thought about what I posted some time ago. About messing things up to make myself feel more balanced. Maybe I want to put myself in whatever manageable-in-the-end mess I can, and feel good to be able to pull myself out of the shit. Then I can just look back and call it all ‘the lost weekend’ or something.

You know, pushing yourself to the (not-even-near-to-)limit and getting back up again. Yeah, I guess it’s wishful thinking. I’d still try it anyway.


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