I’m a Creep, I’m a Weirdo, What the Hell am I Doing Here?

I think sarcasm and self-deprecation are means to make ourselves feel better about ourselves. Which isn’t wrong or anything, really. I mean, I often do it myself. Not that I’m trying to justify my own actions, but I think it’s perfectly healthy to have a sense of humour about oneself, you know, to be able to openly mock and ridicule oneself.

It’s healthy, and it’s fun. Plus it really helps you see yourself more objectively, whether you want to ‘improve’ certain mockable aspects of yourself or not.

That’s why I can say, unflinchingly, that I was a fucking freakshow or am still kind of odd, both with and without a pinch or sarcasm.

Oh, not in the tone of, “I’m a freak and I know you still want me, bitch.” or something. Well, not always. Ha!


3 responses to “I’m a Creep, I’m a Weirdo, What the Hell am I Doing Here?

  1. *

    hey, you are not that bad indie. But sometimes rampaging yourself and at the same time listening to dramatic music is addictive, awww

  2. thenew

    get yourself a silverchair song then.

    body and soul, i’m a freak.

    good-old-seattle sound.


  3. amaliasekarjati

    setujuuuuuuuuu :D

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