Cirque du Freak

I think we are made to have to go through so much shit, through a myriad of false hopes and broken bonds, before reaching what we feel, call or at least presume to be happiness.

That way we know how precious it is, how grateful we should be to be able to even touch it with the ends of our fingers.

Or maybe this is just one big circus and we need to keep jumping through flaming hoops to keep the audience cheering.

*I just remembered, Cirque du Freak is this book series I used to love so much back in the day. Awww.


4 responses to “Cirque du Freak

  1. banjokai

    vancha march! :)


  2. thenew

    i vote for that this life is a circus.

    i think that there’s no way to happiness,
    because happiness is the way.

    and circus is all about amusing anyone, rite.
    so get your balls,
    and go get them stupefied, mate!


    • indieschmindie

      happiness is the way. hhhmmm, i think i’ll have to agree with that. i always say “It’s not the journey, it’s the destination that matters.” or something like that. and as far as i remember, i usually realize pure happiness when i’ve been experiencing it for a certain time. it’s like, lalalala, hey! i’m happy! then life says, “Hello? Where have you been? Come on, I knew that like aaages ago, loser.”

      ah, i think i’m doing a pretty good job amusing everyone.

      it’s like i’m juggling balls with my toes, while unicycling through hoops set aflame by fire coming out of my mouth. sure i could always up the ante, but everything’s already exhausting enough as is.

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