Oh No, I’ll Never Give In

Just had an empowering little chitchat a while ago. It was kind of surprising, but sweet, further assuring me that I shouldn’t surrender so easily to the situation. That I should say, “Fuck you, Situation, you little prick.” and beat the crap out of it. Something like that.

That I should receive such a call from one of the people I would least expect these days, it’s kind of… refreshing? It’s like a little slap on the face, waking me up from all the self pity and boo hoo daydreams. It’s like I’ve hit the snooze button one too many times and now’s the time to wake up and take a shower.

Don’t worry, really. I may be fragile, but I’m not that weak.
And I’m not that strong. That’s why I should thank you again and again.

Thank you.



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