Trying to Make Sense

I think life, along with everything in it, is like a grey area, like a question mark, like a sentence without a period.

It’s unstoppable, unending, unclear. Keeps us wondering helplessly, trying to make sense of every aspect without really knowing a single bit.

Whenever we find out about something, in the exact time we realize how there is oh so much more we don’t know about the same thing we just found out about. And what we know, we can’t decide as right or wrong. Because isn’t it relative, different to each and every mind?

But then where in life can we place our morals? Because nothing, I think, can or should be truly free of judgment. There are many things that are intolerable to me, like, I don’t know, child abuse, that I can deem wrong without any doubt.

Just to reach a point, I can try to conclude everything and say that there’s no right and wrong in this world, because everything is relative. Then there is only more right or more wrong, leanings to each side. They are relative still, but at least they make more sense.


6 responses to “Trying to Make Sense

  1. thenew

    that’s why i like grey!
    it’s so captivating about this relativity,
    knowing that it’s the only thing certain.

    yeah, i think that everything is relative too,
    it’s a matter of what do you see, where do you see it from, and what do you use to see it.
    and maybe this is where policies, rules, norms and their friends -sometimes even conscience- take part.
    they reduce it,
    a little,
    really little,
    cos for a certain price there’ll still be differences.

    but a decision has to be made.
    even it’s a 50:50 for right or wrong, win or lose, live or dead, life or love (u know, sometimes these two last mentioned things just couldn’t get along).
    so, in the end, there is only one positive,
    or negative.
    though there might be some unfairness.
    it’s your call.

    that’s just life.


    • indieschmindie

      yes yes, it’s like those really annoying catchphrases.
      you know, like:
      “The only certain thing is certainty.”
      “Change is the only constant.”

      so, you think external factors such as norms and social moral judgments are a part of our own interpretations, then? interesting, interesting.

      and yes, life isn’t fair. it isn’t meant to be fair. yet we all try to reach it, don’t we? fairness.

  2. sebagai individu, kita ingin semuanya relatif. tapi begitu kita terbentur dengan suatu masalah yang menghadapkan kita pada realita (yang pahit), kita ga bisa maksain relativitas itu ke masyarakat. karena buat masyarakat, tetep ada nilai universal yang berlaku. tinggal pilihan kita mau jadi malaikat atau setannya. dan menetapkan pilihan akan bikin hidup kita lebih masuk akal, sederhana. (which i’m still struggling with)

    would we want our kids to do drugs? would we want our kids to be gay? to be pregnant before got married? -ini adalah pertanyaan2 yang sampe sekarang belum bisa dijawab oleh orang tua terliberal yang gue tau. ketika itu udah menyangkut anak sendiri, orang akan balik ke moral universal.

  3. inal

    Two women with similar point of view are discussing the truth and relativity, aw aw aw

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