Virtual Insanity

Last night, a friend suddenly contacted me and asked how I was.

He said my blog couldn’t lie, that’s why he knew I was upset, that I was in one of my ABG-emo-labil-oh-yeah phases. Which I admit was true, and I’m perfectly sure everything that was going through my mind was clearly apparent in every single post I wrote last night.

Still, I find it all very amusing. It’s as amusing as what happened in the case of two close friends, in which one discovered and assumed about the other’s heartbreak through the notes he posted on Facebook.

Sure it’s all very rational, because we’re all so caught up in this virtual reality, sometimes even more than we are in the alternate reality that is real life. I can unashamedly say this for myself because in certain times I’d be more likely to update my blog than answer my phone. Even Facebook feels too crowded, too public, too open, too conscious, too fucking dangerous.

It becomes so convenient, then. Whenever we need or want to, we can just withdraw ourselves from the real world and delve into this alternate reality to express ourselves in any way we want. From the comforts of our own beds or sofas or desktops, without moving an inch. As simple as that. It’s like an instant and air conditioned alternative to finding a desolate cave in some mountain where we can escape and meditate or something.

While we’re so busy keeping to ourselves, our friends and people who care can always keep an eye on us through our Facebook status, Plurk, Twitter, or often in my case, overly active blog posts. Such is the way of the modern world.

Makes me wonder, what incredible invention in the future will further change how we interact with each other, and how?


One response to “Virtual Insanity

  1. he

    and yes, the reality and virtual has been blurred into simulacrum, welcome to posmodern age

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