I just reviewed the post below and now it’s killing me.

Should I write an or a before “SAP (Socially Awkward Person)”?

Oh my.


13 responses to “Dilemmatic

  1. dwitri

    ok you should always base it on speech context.

    it’s an an when the next letter starts with vowel when pronounced, e.g. an SAP (es-ay-pee); an EU policy (ee-yu)

    it’s an a when it starts with consonant when pronounced, e.g. a UN general secretary (yu-en); a European Union mission (yu-ro-pee-an).

    so. never base it on written form. you did well :)

  2. i'm the cross fist and sickle, with pimples sizing nipples


  3. banjokai

    aw, interesting xD xD

  4. dwitri

    ‘historical’ is an exception, it’s preceded by ‘an’ because much to my surprise, the h remains silent.

    (yeah i’m obsessed like that)

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