Quote of the Day

“What are you guys?
Bunch of geniuses?”

– Allegedly said by a friend to another friend in awe, concerning how certain friends of mine and I are interconnected in a web of friendship, romance and education institutions. Bunch of geniuses? Fucking hell. More like a bunch of socially awkward, potentially boring weirdo fucks who read dictionaries and thesauruses for leisure like teenage girls do GoGirl! and the Twilight series.


5 responses to “Quote of the Day

  1. i think imma write it down on the cover of my future biography

  2. was it me? cos I didn’t really say it that way but I DID mention the word “geniuses” to this guy named Pange..concerning him, and his friend, and you ndie, and your friend. uh huh. hha *tapi kalo bukan berarti gue geer dong. hmmm

  3. kadang input sederhana yang masuk ke kuping gue sering keluar dengan lebih luar biasa dan terkadang didramatisir….dasar penulis

  4. kalian telah masuk daftar orang2 paling impresif yang pernah gue temui :D hore hore

    *aduh capek ah gue berlebay-lebayan begini..tapi beneran. hahah

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