The Mind and the Written Word

Thoughts are like thousands of paper butterflies flapping frantically around my head, constantly multiplying by hundreds, knocking on windowpanes, trying to fly outside to oblivion until I can stop and catch one just long enough to read all the text it contains, before all of a sudden it burns in my hands, leaving nothing but dust and ashen recollections.

Then I’ll write down whatever I can remember, in a haste, in a frenzy, like those annoying ‘you are the chosen one’ Noah-like kids in Knowing, as fast as I can.

Sometimes I get the words right, the points right, the ideas right, sometimes I get them half-right, sometimes I do a-okay, but sometimes, oh I get them so shit and just stare frustratedly at the ashes in my palms, screaming, “Rise! Rise, o paper butterfly! Reincarnate or something, dammit!” but alas, a paper butterfly is not a paper phoenix, and when paper butterflies burn, they disappear.

Then I can only hope there will come another bearing a similar story to tell, so I can share it with the world as it burns in the palms of my hand and my mind.


10 responses to “The Mind and the Written Word

  1. all hail Indira Prisanti!

  2. Name (required)

    istilahnya, klo kata pangeran
    gw klo ngomong yang ngerti cuma dikit
    lo klo nulis yang ngerti juga dikit

    doooh hahahaha

  3. *gmana caranya sih nulis kaya gini? sial

  4. pangeran kesal soalnya di kancah hiphopnya
    gak ada yang sebagus metaphoric reference-nya si Indi. paling mentok se-dia dia itu ato kawan produsernya. lebih dikit udah dianggap dewa ato icon hahahahaha

  5. saya bawa laptop dan nongkrong di pusat perbelanjaan mahal ibukota, tapi yang saya ketik kata-kata usang macam “revolusi”, “pergerakan sosial”, “nasionalisasi aset negara”. Sungguh munafik dan durja saya ini.

    *ikut-ikutan irfan ngepost tulisan aneh2 dengan nickname yang aneh pula

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