I think I’m revisiting the phase in my life where I want to do too many things.

One of those many things is that I want to start learning French again.

As intimidating as the troublesome feminin and masculin and present tense and past perfect tense are, this fluid and beautiful language has always fascinated me.

I want to go way beyond the common, “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?”, to truly comprehend the perverted words of Monsieur Gainsbourg, to understand more than Jane Birkin’s sighs and moans in “Je t’aime…moi non plus”, to watch both TV5 and Godard with his fellow members of the Nouvelle Vague.


2 responses to “Francophile

  1. risa

    Been there done that! Not really having that done, actually. My francais course lasted in only 2 weeks before the first level exam. Susah yak buat konsisten ngursus klo udah umur segini ^^’

  2. indieschmindie

    hehehe gw juga dulu ikut te, di CCF tapi cuma satu term. hihi emang syusyaahh…

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