Like Mind Mapping Gone Wild

All the concepts and problems and phrases and words and thoughts are infinitely constantly uncontrollably forming more and more new branches which form more new branches which form more new branches and it’s all so oh intangible unsystematic and cluttery oh what a mess it’s all driving me fucking crazy I want to shout out loud stop you little fuckers stop it and let me think but oh no they won’t stop they won’t pause oh no those ignorant little fuckers they just keep multiplying faster than amoebas it’s like they’re all making babies more than China I want give them fucking condoms and birth control for God’s sake but alas unable to do so and unable to keep up I just sit and stare frustratedly helplessly pathetically ironically lost in the workings of my own


6 responses to “Like Mind Mapping Gone Wild

  1. good to see you again, been so looooongg

  2. i’m in central kalimantan rite now, work, thou not much to do here, lol.

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