Whether my body, my style or my mind.
Being adored for a reason or two terrifies me.

What if I lose them all?
What if I’m not that good?
What if there’s someone better?


4 responses to “Because

  1. grim reaper

    then prepare for subsequent losings.
    nothing last forever, my friend
    i think this one is addressed toward your boyfriend, right?
    maybe he could think of the similar query…

    • indieschmindie

      nothing lasts forever, i know.
      isn’t that why we want to believe in the afterlife?

      it’s just that… well, i can’t answer the question “why do you love me?”,
      and the answer “because i just do.” just gives, i don’t know, it’s kind of like…
      hhhmmm… it makes love seem more inexplicably binding, like you can’t help but feel it, you know.
      kind of makes me feel safer. is that pathetic?

  2. banjokai

    lose some, gain some?

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