Ah, men. Every sexually active girl except their girlfriends (at the moment) is a slut, while every promiscuous male counterpart is Casanova (an asshole, yet a charming one).

Doesn’t that seem to be the view in general? She’s either cheap or a victim, and he’s, well, just irresistible. Can’t the girl be the player and the guy the man-whore for once?


4 responses to “Masculine?

  1. a girl who plays is likely one men don’t want to get close too

    femme fatale is a type no single man can resist (leave alone holy-book trifling drools). ones take form in it, tend to lead heavenly from the first two good times then ashtray for the rest…

    particularly when the boys start to think the girl looks very attracted to them and very love-able, while in fact, highly unlikely

  2. yang membedakan casanova dan femme fatale apa? selain alat kelamin?


    ga ada bedanya. rasanya sama saja kok. yang membedakan adalah gimana cara memberdayakan daya tarik… sama god-gifted appearance hehehehehe

  4. yang membedakan satu membunuh satu untuk bersenang-senang.. tuh kan.. cewe lebih mengerikan..

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