(Tell Me Why) I Don’t Like Mondays

Why is the traffic so shit on Mondays?

That reason ‘because people go to work and kids go to school’ is just stupid because they do it for the next four days anyway. Now the fact that’s it’s the first day of work and school and whatever people do on weekdays that they hate makes much more sense.

Perhaps they all got batshit crazy drunk the night before or puked their selves to sleep. That’s why they all wake up late in the morning feeling like crap and, unable to resort to the hair of the dog, find an effective hangover cure by being complete asses on the road.

What’s with the traffic on Monday? Ah well, they just crazy party people. Let them have their time, since they can’t have a decent meal with the cash they sacrificed for a good night on the town. Well done, Jakarta city dwellers. Well done.


4 responses to “(Tell Me Why) I Don’t Like Mondays

  1. Delusional.

    Ain’t a bloody difference in traffic between Monday or Wednesday or even fucking Friday.

    -R: wonders where the hell is Sister Boobs.

    • indieschmindie

      itu dia, kenapa orang suka bilang “Jangan berangkat siang-siang, hari Senin macet lho.” dan semacamnya?

      oh, and who the hell is sister boobs? as for me, I’m caught up in sort of working til the next two weeks or so, only to be followed possibly with permanent part-time work too.

  2. Whatever. Anyway, lo gw tahbiskan jadi sie acara di Kom nite. Chill, bukan bagian sibuknya, tapi nimbrung nyari referensi, konsep, tema, bla-bla… Kalo jadi 60s (which is within our current set of options), I think a post in this blog suggests that ur the perfect person for ze job.

    -R: Now knows where sister boobs is

    • indieschmindie

      hahaha boleh, sixtiesnya yang kaya apa nih? mod, hippie? marriane faithful or jackie o? i’d be more than glad to help :)

      kalo malem ini gak ketemu di msn, besok gw curi2 ym-an deh di kantor.

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