‘Cause Sunbeams Are Not Made Like Me

I fear that I’m constantly growing more and more obsessive, that I’m just steps away from chaining you on my balcony door or sticking a GPS tracker on your neck. I can’t figure which is true. Do I just can’t get enough that I want to suck every bit of you like a vampire? Or am I a just, for lack of a better word, a love junkie? As ridiculous as that term is, I can’t help wondering if it’s true. Has this addiction gotten the better of me? Or perhaps I scared of being abandoned. Is it because it always takes me so hard to find love? Or is it because I’m so used to having love around that I don’t want to let any of it go?

Have I driven anyone away, holding their necks, almost fatally suffocated by my lack of space giving? Would I? Could I?


One response to “‘Cause Sunbeams Are Not Made Like Me

  1. you are now officially marked as Irfan Addict…
    why not? i surpass the standard procedure
    for duration and long bearing, right…?!!!
    who does not dream that? yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!

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