Not to sound like a pompous little shit, but there’s something about what a dear friend called British humour a while ago that just cracks me up like no other. By this I mean the irony, dry wit and campness. Would those be the correct ingredients of the so-called ‘British wit’? Or is it all just a load of tosh and there’s no real difference between British humour and every-other-part-of-the-world humour?

What’s Indonesian humour like? I mean, the real, national humour characteristic or something?


2 responses to “Anglophile

  1. shinojundo

    don’t you think even indonesian humour is sometimes a bit like british? the looong nonexistent sarcastic comment? like when someone’s making a comment and the others would add a long made-up story to it, no?

  2. sayang, temen mu jago2 banget ya inggrisnya
    aku sampe ga ngerti. tapi wong semua isi blogmu
    aja aku ga ngerti sama sekali. gimana ya…
    tapi aku ngerti arti “comment” soalnya
    ada di buku pelajaran bahasa inggris
    sma ku. hehehe

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