Walking Wounded

Quite simply, a person who is never content in an adult relationship is one who never has his or her emotional needs sufficiently met as a child. This does not mean that one’s childhood has to have been experienced as something out of the tabloids. There does not have to have been gross negligence or abuse for a child to become an emotionally needy adult. Constant negativity and criticism are enough to destroy a child’s self esteem. Emotionally needy people are in a continuous search for someone who will satisfy the needs that were never met by one or both parents. There is nothing wrong with admitting being emotionally needy.


3 responses to “Walking Wounded

  1. shinojundo


    for some reasons i find this highly amusing xD xD

  2. shinojundo

    not too mention very informative too x)

  3. nice quotation. it keeps me nodding :P

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