Don’t Believe the Hype!

You can’t call me smart because I know things that no one really needs to know,
because I owe it all to Google and a lonely childhood.

You can’t call me well versed because I know the word “Hippopotomonstrosequippeddaliophobia”,
because I don’t. I just googled “most difficult english word”, did you know it’s the word for “fear of long words”? I don’t know if it’s true, yet still, awesome.

You can’t call me brave because sometimes I try things others won’t even think about,
because sometimes I’m just, literally, careless.

You can’t call me thoughtful because I talk about things you secretly thought about too,
because I just have too much idle time to do anything else but think.

You can’t call me wise because you say I don’t think the way most people say they do,
because I’m bitter and you just don’t know it yet.


6 responses to “Don’t Believe the Hype!

  1. even if you were not called any of those you narrated on
    we, the avid readers, still might consider you acutely witty
    (quoting mrs. mim) :)

  2. if you’re not all of them, then your blog is :))

  3. I actually believe the hype (evilsmirk) hihihih

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