Shades of Grey

I can feel myself sink deeper into this quicksand of debauchery, I can feel my fingers slip away from the edge, sending me down to the abyss of…wait. I’m torn between some overly melodramatic choice of words. Moral degradation or depravity?

Surely in this condition, having this realization, this enlightenment, I would want to seek the light and pull myself out. Born again, pure, cleansed. But what if I don’t want to get out? What if I like it here? What if it makes me happy? What if I want to live in the dark?

The above sentences are only exaggerated illustrations, of course, because no I’m not doing anything bad, Mom, really! No, seriously. It just occurred to me that, as impartial as I believe I’ve always been, I was still judgmental. I still tried to mold things into the way I thought they should be. Things I don’t even own.

Who am I to judge? Who are you to judge? Who are we to judge?
After all, what we perceive as the lowest low could be someone’s highest high.

That’s why now I’ll say I don’t judge, I just disagree.


One response to “Shades of Grey

  1. god

    Ooo… daughter of men

    As far as my wisdom could concern, your mom represents my love to human being.
    i didn’t warn you human only to burden you with all-the condemnations
    and infernal tortures. Debauchery was always good. you could learn throughout
    the history how i bonked Hercules mother. But sure, we divine beings don’t experience feeling, which to an extent you people call heart.

    Yes i know there would be no good shrooms without a pile of soured cow/buffy-shit.
    But hey, shit happens, and fate could just arrange a small sort of piece of shit inside the shrooms. What could happen to you if you were, say, drunk and slightly incapacitated
    while i’m gone fishing with my bearded and long haired son, would be too unbearable.

    I wish i could be this straight to the point to men of ages before you
    so you people nowadays wouldn’t encounter complicated, going nowhere holy books.
    Please don’t mind the grammatical incorrectness. I have been enticed to consider myself
    as a plural entity, therefore i used too much “We” in the holy books. I also went too far
    to separate myself to several facades i myself too even hardly understand until today
    (must have been the effect from the creation of marijuana).

    I’m sorry if the way i articulate the wisdom violate grammatical correctness.
    i was too lazy to learn the languages of my prophets respectively, yet overused the archaic pieces to bring into existence the feel of sanctity :)

    with love,


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