Love = Money ?

Having a romantic relationship is a joint venture of luck and hard work.
Let me put it this way.

Luck is finding a penny in the middle of the road, hard work is bending down to pick it up.

Something seems to be missing. Perhaps I should add responsibility to the team?

Responsibility, which is running when the penny’s owner suddenly screams “Thief!”?
But that wouldn’t be too responsible, would it? What is it then? Consequences? Commitment?

Reworked from a series of comments I had ages ago, when a friend commented that my then-lover was lucky to have me. Ha ha.

*Just to be clear here. I don’t  believe that love is money. It’s just a play on the concept of ‘love is money’, which applies here not in a materialistic way but because I used a penny as part of an analogy. Oh, and this is just a random and general analogy I made up just for fun. I hope no one gets the wrong picture. See? I might be reckless sometimes but I play safe.


One response to “Love = Money ?

  1. “love me is money” kalo kata kakak cintawh lawrah

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