Cheap Tricks

There should be a term for this certain something, something dangerous, something much more severe and deceiving than the celebrated beer goggles.

I call it love goggles.
(and it’s lighter subsidiary, crush goggles)

I’m sure everyone’s quite familiar with this mind and perception altering phenomenon.

You know how attractive your significant others always seem to be? How tolerable every little bit of craziness they have are? And after it’s all over you look back and think “What the fuck?” and curse at yourself, you stupid bitch? Sounds familiar?

I’m sure it does. You’ve had it, and you’re probably having it now.

That helpless bias that persistently blows the pendulum swinging on top of the border line between endearing and annoying. Like a morning after, but this one’s a whole lot of mornings, afternoons and nights.

Love goggles, more dangerous than Mansion House. Gives worse hangovers too.

But in the end, I guess it’s just God’s way of making humans couple and mate happily. Without it, we’d surely be extinct in a heartbeat.

So let’s give them goggles a round of applause, as they are the true unsung heroes (and villains) of our love lives. Bravo! I heart you, and you make me heart people (for a certain period)!


2 responses to “Cheap Tricks

  1. Diem-diem labil. Geez.


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