Shelf Life

I was recently involved in a heated conversation about how people go between relationships. Some people do the monkey swing, hands never empty, one branch to another. Some people only handle one at a time like a fast food counter.

Then a friend brought up the concept of shelving. Putting someone aside, so to speak, for another time, when the time is quite right. No strings, no promises, no closed ends.

Does that sound cruel? Not really. No one gets hurt, no one gets disappointed. After all it’s not a new concept, it’s nothing uncommon. Might have even done it a few times in the past, not even on purpose. It’s only natural.

Like storing a winter coat during summer time. I might use it later. I might not. I might move into a tropical island, where the cute string bikini might be more handy instead. Maybe I’ll get fat, maybe I’ll get some new clothes. Who knows?

As for now, I’ll settle for my beloved versatile oversized button-up, and I don’t plan to change anytime soon.


2 responses to “Shelf Life

  1. Mars

    aha!sounds familiar,ndi..=9
    settle down memang menyenangkan.terutama setelah lama tidak begitu..
    *virus unyu2 kalian menular deh..haha

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