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A thought passed in my mind as I headed to another bar last night, as a friend was also planning to go to another, as the boyfriend in Cambodia was probably also heading to another. What is it with people and booze? Why do people drink so much, so often?

I’m not talking about scientific effects, or drinking in sub-zero conditions, or alcoholism, or morals, or religion, or instruments to control the society. I’m talking about the good old Friday night or Saturday night or any and every night where you and your friends make time to drive through the dreary traffic and spend too much money on tiny glasses of poison. I’m talking about the ubiquitous, ever popular culture of casual drinking.

People of many kinds of places and cultures treat alcohol as an always reliable social lubricant. Why do you meet up and catch up with someone ‘for drinks’ or ‘over drinks’? Whether it’s with your lover, your friends, your boss, your ex, that random European backpacker, the bar never ceases to dominate and dance around your shared agenda.

Why, exactly, is it a social lubricant? Is it because alcohol makes you lose all inhibitions, and everyone is sick of all those norms you keep up with in society? Is it because it strips you out of  the roles you had to endure all day? Is it because whatever happened last night is okay? Is it because it gives you an excuse for doing whatever the hell you want to do?

Whatever the reason, it seems to be worth all the khilaf, embarrassment, black outs, drunk dialing, drunk BBM-ing, public make outs, stripping, general stupidity, extreme stupidity, and of course the dreaded morning after hangover, because no one seems to be stopping.

What needs to be noted is that drinking never solves anything, everyone should be responsible for themselves and others, moderation is key, so is a wise selection of partners, and everyone should learn to have good eye-and-body coordination with the toilet seat.

So, you got any plans for tonight? I know this great place. You’re gonna love it.


2 responses to “Prost!

  1. Prost yang dulu di Kemang itu masih ada, udah tutup, atau pindah?

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