Soul Seeking

“Do you believe that there’s this one special person for you, you know, like in How I Met Your Mother?”

A dear friend of mine asked this question today. I instantly felt a mental smirk form swiftly in my mind. The answer was clear, no pause needed. I said no. I didn’t. I don’t. I’m not sure whether I’ve ever believed in the whole concept.

The world is just too huge to provide only one (one!) or just a few so-called ‘soul mate(s)’. ‘The one and only’,  ‘meant for each other’, ‘made for each other’, those phrases make no sense to me. I believe there are plenty of people in different times and spaces that someone can be compatible with because of various factors, like chemistry, similar backgrounds, similar ideologies and of course hard work and acceptance, among others.*

For me, saying “We’ve been together for so long because we’re soul mates.” is like saying “I’m full because fate made it happen,” when in fact I’m full because I just ate two Whoppers in one sitting. We’ve been together for so long because we love each other and we make efforts to make this relationship work.

Logical fallacy or not, that’s how I see it. Sure, anyone can always argue that it’s because of fate I can eat two Whoppers. But then, why not focus on things we can actually work on?

Harsh? If you say so. Rational? You tell me.

*Interesting way in seeing interpersonal compatibility by one of my favourite lecturers here.


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